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PD: Taxing Tuesday – Books & Records and Director’s Liability

Tuesday, June 11 11:00am AST on Zoom REGISTER HERE Do you want to know more

PD: Taxing Tuesday – When Someone Else Collects Tax on Your Behalf

Admissions and Election for Agent to Account for Tax Tuesday, April 30 11:00am AST on

Accessibility, Where Do We Go From Here?

Accessibility, Where Do We Go From Here? Tuesday, March 5 from 10am -12pm Atlantic Via

PD – Advancing shows: Contracts, Riders – let’s chat advancing shows!

Tuesday, January 23, 1:00pm AT / 1:30pm NL What is the difference between an offer,


Programming Pitch Sessions

November 14-16, 9:30-11:30 am AST, on zoom Mark your calendars: APA’s annual Programming Pitch Sessions


Programming: Thoughtfully, Strategically, and Inclusively

Tuesday October 31, 1:00pm AT / 1:30 NL Do you ever look at other organization’s

Reconciliation in Action: Building Good Relations

Reconciliation requires action. It’s great to be an ally to your Indigenous friends and peers

Reluctant Fundraiser workshop

Facilitated by Cindy Wagman.