Membership Benefits and Criteria

The Atlantic Presenters Association is an association of non-profit series presenters, theatres, community presenters and festivals in Atlantic Canada. According to the Department of Canadian Heritage, arts presenters “select the artistic programming for public presentation in their community based on an artistic vision. They purchase performances and other artistic activities created by professional artists, groups and companies; and they are responsible for paying a guaranteed fee to the producer for each presentation. They provide the venue and supply the technical and promotional support. Presenters may also organize audience development and/or outreach in support of their artistic programming. They have a thorough knowledge of the audiences in their communities, of the professional arts community and of the various networks that support both the artists and the presenters.”

The following criteria for membership in the APA have been adopted by the Association:

  • APA members select the artistic programming for public presentation in their local communities.
  • They select their programming guided by an artistic vision.
  • They hire professional artists and are responsible for paying appropriate fees for each presentation.
  • They provide the venue and supply the technical and promotional support.
  • They may also organize outreach or audience development activities in support of their artistic programming.
  • They have a thorough knowledge of the audiences in their communities and of the professional arts community.
  • Members must have, to a degree, a track record of presenting shows in a seasonal format.
  • Some presenters may be involved in a variety of activities including creation/production, self-presentation, renting their facility, etc

For more information about joining the APA, please contact

There is an amazing body of knowledge that offers several mentorship opportunities within the APA through members and staff and across the sector through our colleagues across the country. Mentors are essential in assisting professionals in learning the art of presenting performing arts. For more information about mentorship opportunities offered through the APA, please contact the APA staff.

Being a member has its advantages and one of them is the access to the brain trust and experiences that make up the network. APA is made up of presenters with a wide variety of experiences and knowledge that they are ready to share whenever needed.  The spirit of generosity and support that flows through this network is an invaluable benefit of membership.

Members of APA receive reduced registration fees to all of our programming and events (Contact East, ShiftChange, Professional Development Workshops, etc.). We also offer free posting of information you would like to share with the broader community on our website or in our eNews.

Members of the APA network have access to our bi-weekly member memo that is full of information on upcoming events, links to recorded workshops, questions from fellow members, and info on the activities of other networks from across the country.  Members also have access to our bi-weekly eNews which highlights the work of APA, focusing on events and programs that are open to the entire sector. Members can use the APA eNews to share their news as well.

To some degree, all presenters require support from various funding agencies to deliver the best quality and quantity of performances in their communities. The APA staff is available for consultation with members to assist with providing funding information specific to each Atlantic province.

APA staff and board members have developed relationships with government officials and representatives in all four Atlantic provinces. When necessary, we use these relationships to support our members and advocate on their behalf facilitating conversations between government (provincial and/or national) and members through virtual and in person meetings, and/or through written correspondence and writing campaigns.

The APA works in collaboration with key national partners to promote a greater understanding and appreciation of the live performing arts sector in the Atlantic provinces and on a national scale.  We offer input to the government when concerns need to be communicated, like funding programs and emergency/crisis situations that affect the sector. 

APA also coordinates letter writing campaigns to amplify messages to governments and organizations who need to hear them.

The APA is a highly collaborative organization. We frequently partner with our colleagues across the region and the country on projects and workshops. These organizations include the Canada’s Regional Presenting Networks, the Alliance of National Dance Networks, the Canadoian Arts Presentation Association (CAPACOA) the National Rural Touring Forum (UK), several Presenting Networks in the US and Atlantic Canada’s provincial Music Industry Associations.

Block Booking happens when 3 or more member presenters are interested in booking the same artist(s) or group. When this happens, the APA will facilitate a discussion among the presenters and the artist(s) to organize dates and routing that work for both the artist(s) and the member presenters.

Block booking allows APA members to experience the power of collective buying, increasing the opportunity to present shows that might normally be out of reach for individual theatres, arts and cultural centres, or festivals, either financially or logistically. Financially, if artists have the opportunity to play multiple venues on a tour their expenses are lessened and they in turn pass along that savings to the presenters. Logistically, block booking can be especially beneficial for venues in small or remote communities, making them more attractive to artists when there is a routing which includes multiple shows.

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