What is Presenter Peer Support?

Presenter Peer Support is where people with shared lived experiences come together to promote wellness, recovery, and healing. The goal of these monthly meetings is to develop and support a healthy community of Atlantic presenters. We will do this by providing a confidential space with an atmosphere of safety, kindness and non-judgemental sharing. 

The Presenter Peer Support Program is an initiative of the Atlantic Presenters Association facilitated by Lisa Gleave, with guidance and training provided by the ECMA Sound Minds Wellness Program. It is open to current APA Members.

Program History

At ShiftChange 2023 APA hosted an open topic discussion activity that quickly became a sharply focused, honest sharing session about stress, self care and the tools we use to support our mental wellness. From this experience we identified a need to have an ongoing space for this sort of peer to peer learning and sharing. The APA Peer Support Program was launched in person in January at ShiftChange 2024. These sessions are now held monthly via zoom and are open to all APA members. 

Join us for Presenter Peer Support the last Thursday of each month from 9:00-10:00am AT. Meetings will be no more than one hour long.