The Atlantic Presenters Association recognizes the deep importance of the work and actions the organization must take towards Reconciliation with Indigenous people all over Turtle Island/North America.

We understand in our hearts that it is our social responsibility to prioritize and never lose sight of Reconciliation in every aspect of what we do. It is deeply important to the staff and board of APA that we continue to move the membership along in their knowledge too.

What we’re doing

Since 2016, APA has engaged Indigenous artists, presenters, producers, directors and facilitators to deliver education activities to our members on topics under the umbrella of Reconciliation. The performance stages of our members across the Atlantic region have programmed Indigenous artists for many years, but very few. We recognize that this needs to change.

APA has assembled a group of 35 Indigenous community based presenters in the region; general event and powwow, and provides funding for these annual gatherings. These gatherings until now have been organized and administered by APA staff, who do not identify as Indigenous. For the 2022 Gathering, we contracted First Light Centre for Performance and Creativity (an organization that serves the urban and non-urban Indigenous populations and non-Indigenous communities alike with a wide range of programs and services rooted in revitalization, strengthening and celebration of Indigenous cultures and languages) in St. John’s NL, who provided the staff and space to organize and host the gathering. APA assisted as needed and supported the gathering financially, but actively stepped back to make space for Indigenous people to decide how they wanted to gather.

Updated October 2022. 

Our ongoing commitments

APA commits to continuing to prioritize presenter education on Reconciliation with a focus on how to respectfully welcome and work with Indigenous performers.

APA commits to stepping back whenever there is a need to Indigenize a program or event that is a part of our organization and hire an Indigenous person to do that work.

APA commits to continuing to view the way we work and build relationships through a Reconciliation lens.

Learning and moving forward

We invite you to engage in an open dialogue with us, and share your questions and comments, especially if we are doing something that is causing harm. We want to do better. We will continue to prioritize Reconciliation knowledge and action within the APA as an ongoing journey that is everyone’s responsibility.