Tosh Southwick

Co-founder, IRP consulting

Tosh Southwick belongs to the wolf moiety and is a Citizen of Kluane First Nation. She grew up in a small northern community and is the mother to three children and the auntie to many more. She has worked with Yukon First Nations most of her career and in many different capacities. Most recently in her previous role as the Associate Vice President of Indigenous Engagement and Reconciliation at Yukon University Tosh oversaw the integration of First Nation ways of knowing and doing throughout the institution. During her 12 years there she worked with her team to ensure that Yukon University was meeting the education and training needs of the 14 Yukon First Nations. Tosh is a trained facilitator and knowledge sharer. She has worked with organizations across sectors to build and deliver relevant and culturally appropriate workshops and creating safe spaces to explore complex topics. Tosh has worked in Governance, Education, Human Resources and Health for various First Nation Governments and organizations. She has also served as youth councilor and Deputy Chief for her First Nation. Tosh acquired her B.A. with honors in Psychology from the University of Victoria and completed a Master’s in Education with the University of British Columbia.