Davida Wood

Co-founder, IRP consulting

Davida Wood is a born and raised Yukoner from the Teslin Tlingit Council of Southern Yukon, a member of the crow moiety and Kùkhhittàn clan. Her formal education was completed through the University of Regina via Yukon College with an Education degree. Her informal education is on-going through her various roles in life; business owner, consultant, director, facilitator, mother, wife, teacher, First Nation member, committee member and traveler.

It is with great and excitement and passion that she co-founded IRP consulting. Working to not only further self-determination for Indigenous people, but also to work closely with other entities who are embarking on or furthering their learning and journeys on how we are all able to thrive together on this land. Uniting her passions, interests and past experience, Davida is looking forward to working thoughtfully on projects at IRP consulting.