The Chimera Project

THE SHOW: Dancing the Seven Grandfather Teachings For grades 4 - 12   A contemporary dance program featuring two stories driven by the Seven Grandfather Teachings. The works are performed with a vocabulary of First Nations’ hoop dancing, contemporary dance, and ballet.   The ancient teachings blaze a path leading to self-knowledge, empathy, and connection to our natural world. The on-stage presentation consists of two works, a question and answer session, and can involve an interactive workshop.   


This program was created in 2016, guided by Elder Shirley Horn, with choreography by Malgorzata Nowacka-May and additional choreography by esteemed hoop dance artist Arik Pipe. The show has reached over 15,000 young people across Ontario, Québec and BC since the creation of work.   This program manifests decade-long collaboration with Shirley Horn and acclaimed Indigenous artists who each bring their specific voice and direction with respect to cultural expression.