Owen Steel

"What can the audience expect?" One aim that I have as a performer is to deliver anything but the expected. The songs are written in advance (mostly), but that does not guarantee consistency. Spontaneity is welcome and, in fact, a large part of my show revolves around this notion. No two shows are the same! Nonetheless, they are all honest & positive experiences in their own right. And regardless of the individuality of each, they are always highly entertaining, emotional, hilarious, and full of wickedly good musicianship. I like to think of my live performance as a variety show of sorts. The setlist may contain an opening number that has you up and dancing with your sweetheart, and then just as soon you are crying, laughing and pondering life in each others' arms. By the end of it one may feel that JJ Cale, Arlo Guthrie, and Leon Redbone are all part of my bloodline.