Zuppa Theatre presents At This Hour

Founded in 1998, Zuppa is a Halifax-based, artist-led ensemble creating original works that experiment with form and provoke the consideration of new perspectives and ideas.

Zuppa has been touring since 2004 and has an excellent reputation locally, nationally and internationally. Nationally we have been presented at: Groundswell (Toronto), Tremors (Vancouver), FTA (Montreal), In the Soil (St. Catharines), The Shadbolt Centre (Burnaby) and The Magnetic North Theatre Festival (Ottawa, Halifax and Whitehorse). Internationally we have performed in the UK at Chapter Arts (Cardiff), Mayfest (Bristol), and Derelict (Preston, Lancaster, Manchester) and in the U.S. (Charlestown Working Theatre (Boston), Cleveland Playhouse Square (Cleveland), NaCl (The Catskills). Locally: Sydney (Boardmore), Antigonish (Bauer), Saint John (BMO Studio), Moncton (Capitol), Chester Playhouse, Liverpool (Astor), Annapolis Royal (King’s), Fredericton (STU Black Box) and The Ross Creek Centre for the Arts.

We are supported by Halifax Culture and Events, Arts Nova Scotia, The Nova Scotia Department of Communities, Culture, Tourism and Heritage, and the Canada Council for the Arts. Zuppa is a member of Theatre Nova Scotia and an affiliate member of the Professional Association of Canadian Theatres. March 17, 2022 marked our 24th anniversary. 


Jim McDermott (he/him) - deaf actor 

Sharleen Kalayil (she/her) - hearing actor 

Phillipa Colman (she/her) - partially sighted actor  

Alan Williams (he/him) - deaf actor  

Maja Packer (she/her) - sound operator  

Christian Ludwig Hansen (he/him) - surtitles operator  

Carolyn Carter (she/her) - ASL interpreter/performer 

Ben Stone (he/him) - director/performer