RCA Theatre Company presents ALTAR by Santiago Guzmán

Synopsis: Eugenio is a queer young immigrant living in St. John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador. Since moving from Mexico less than a year ago, he has experienced deep love and even deeper heartbreak when Benjamin, his new boyfriend, inexplicably “ghosts” him. Looking at Día de Muertos and his father’s previous experience with paranormal activities, Eugenio decides to build an altar in the hopes that he will be able to summon his boyfriend’s ‘ghost’ and gain the closure he desperately desires. Through the altar, Eugenio realizes that he has been something of a ghost himself to those left behind in Mexico.  
Santiago Guzmán (PLAYWRIGHT/PERFORMER) (he/him) is a writer, performer, director and producer for theatre and film originally from Metepec, Mexico, now based in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador. He is the Artistic Director of TODOS Productions (NL), the Artistic Associate for Playwrights Atlantic Resource Centre (NS) and General Manager for Neighbourhood Dance Works (NL). He is a proud member of The Quilted Collective. His work as a writer aims to put local, under-represented narratives and characters on the frontlines, whilst inviting audiences to appreciate the vibrancy of Newfoundland and Labrador from a diverse perspective. His plays have been supported, developed and/or produced by theatre companies and festivals across the country, like TODOS Productions (NL), Resource Centre for the Arts Theatre Company (NL), Artistic Fraud of Newfoundland (NL), Rising Tide Theatre (NL), Neighbourhood Dance Works (NL), Eastern Front Theatre (NS), Playwrights Atlantic Resource Centre (NS), Ship’s Theatre Company (NS), Boca Del Lupo (BC), Paprika Festival (ON), and the National Theatre School of Canada’s Art Apart Program (QC). 

Santiago Guzmán (he/him) - creator/performer

Stage Manager TBD

Nicole Rousseau (she/her) - Artistic Animateur, RCA Theatre Company 

Suzanne Mullett (she/her) - General Manager, Resource Centre for The Arts