North Barn Theatre

North Barn Theatre was formed in the Spring of 2020 by Laura Stinson and Ian McFarlane in the Ohio Valley, Antigonish County, Nova Scotia. McFarlane and Stinson are theatre makers, scenographers and puppeteers who have worked internationally across the United States, Canada and Europe with companies such as Bread and Puppet Theater, the Canadian Academy of Mask and Puppetry, and The River Clyde Pageant. When an international tour was interrupted by the COVID19 pandemic, McFarlane and Stinson returned to rural Nova Scotia to establish roots as independent theatre makers and to connect with the communities that raised them. As visual artists and material based performers we aim to engage in a design-led creative process that promotes non-hierarchical, interdisciplinary collaboration. Our vision is to provoke thought around critical social and political issues by using playful imagery, landscape, objects and spectacle. We work from the belief that art is nourishment and should be available to everyone regardless of their social status.