Kim Doyle

The visionary founder of resonate xm, Kim Doyle, brings a rare blend of creativity and strategic thinking to the stage every day. Building on a successful career in events and sponsorship, Kim can envision a never-before-done experience and then map out the best path to bring it into reality. 

A people person to the core, Kim founded resonate xm so she could create a fun collective of like-minded innovators dedicated to creating bold events and experiences. Kim is never shy about challenging the norms in pursuit of progress. 

As resonate xm's Chief Experience Officer, Kim brings over 20 years of events, marketing and experiential development leadership to the team. Prior to the pandemic, Kim spent 10 years developing sponsorship and fan experiences for Whitecap Entertainment and the award-winning Cavendish Beach Music Festival. 

Kim has earned a reputation for her trailblazing leadership, commitment to blow­-your-mind guest experiences, and dedication to forging win-win-win partnerships.