Kieran Keller

Past President

Kieran (he/him) has been the Executive Director at Harbourfront Theatre since 2011.  Shortly after taking the position, he joined the board of the Atlantic Presenters Association and is the current president. Originally from Montreal, theatre came naturally as a performer and then a stage manager, but his first real gig started after someone fell off the stage and the show needed someone to fill in.  He never looked back, continuing for the next dozen years in a variety of production and management roles, from small town venues to large summer festivals, industrials and touring, including theatre, musicals, opera, and contemporary dance.  Brief interludes into ‘real jobs’ included hotel management and advertising, but ironically, kept falling back on the arts for stability.  At Harbourfront, he has produced several productions, favourites include The Ballad of Stompin’ Tom, 39 Steps, and Nunsense, not only the bringing the most giggles but also the theatre’s most profitable production to date.  Kieran lives in rural PEI, just recently got fibre-op internet, so can now live happily with his wife, two daughters and three (too many) dogs.