April Hubbard

April Hubbard began her career as an actor before developing her skills as a director, producer, board member, administrator, and accessibility advisor after entering the world of disability and finding there was no longer a space for her on stage. As the Chair of the Halifax Fringe Festival, she provides a platform for others excluded from mainstream performance.

In 2019, April became a professional trapeze artist and acrobat when she began performing with LEGacy Circus.  She cofounded disabilityX Halifax, an accessible storytelling event created and led by people with disabilities, and she is currently working with Drifting Amber Collective to remove barriers to access in the arts and to support people with unseen bodies & unheard voices to claim creative control. April recently began drafting an accessibility report

for Eastern Front Theatre exploring the barriers to inclusion in the performing arts in Nova Scotia and offering recommendations on how to meet the needs of all community members.

Her experience as a disabled woman allows her to guide those working to create inclusive performances and spaces.  She is an outspoken advocate whose focus is to empower people with disabilities to discover their voice and to be leaders in designing the society in which they wish to live. April proudly shows her body without hiding its differences, which serves to both challenge assumptions and to normalize the presence of people with disabilities in our everyday world.

(Photo credit: Emily Invidia)