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Acoustic Roots Festival

In 1995, the newly named Department of Natural Resources decided to cease its operation of the Two Rivers Wildlife Park. Rather than see the Park close, the community formed a not-for-profit group to manage the facility. The Two Rivers Development Association is the result of this change in operation. Early in 1996, the Association secured a lease from the province for the park.The volunteer board raises revenue to operate the park through park admission and holds several events at the park including the Acoustic Roots Festival now in it's 5th year. The festival books mostly east coast arts in a variety of genre that includes country, folk, celtic, blues and bluegrass.

Primary Contact

Sandy MacDonald
Event Coordinator

Email: lauchlin@hotmail.com
Phone: (902) 727-2402


249 Grand Mira South Road
Marion Bridge, NS B1K 1E8

Phone: (902) 727-2420
Fax: (902) 727-3153
Email: lauchlin@hotmail.com Website: acousticrootsfestival.com