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OBEY Convention Music and Arts Society

OBEY Convention Music and Arts Society

The OBEY Convention presents a festival of contemporary and underground music and art in beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia each spring. Incorporating artists from multiple genres and disciplines, our tightly curated programme is like no other in the country. Audiences see the best in electronica, avant-rock, jazz, modern composition, noise, ambient, visual art, spoken word and beyond. Join with us to celebrate the fringes of culture and the power of new ideas.

Primary Contact

Darcy Spidle
Creative Director

Email: darcy@obeyconvention.com
Phone: (902) 580-9801


5557 Cunard St
Halifax, NS B3K 1C5

Phone: (902) 580-9801
Email: info@obeyconvention.com Website: www.obeyconvention.com