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Festival of Dance Annapolis Royal

The Festival of Dance Annapolis Royal (FODAR) is an annual professional contemporary dance festival featuring a blend of current and classic contemporary dance. FODAR features dancers/companies from across Canada (and potentially international) but plans to always have representation from Atlantic Canada on the stage. FODAR is staged at the King's theatre in Annapolis Royal and is currently Nova Scotia's only festival of contemporary dance

Primary Contact

Secondary Contact

Randy Glynn
Artistic Director

Email: rglynn@interlog.com
Phone: (647) 406-3725

Grace Butland
Chair of the Board

Email: grace.butland@bellaliant.net
Phone: (902) 532-1611


PO Box 411
Annapolis Royal, NS B0S 1A0

Phone: (902) 532-1611
Email: grace.butland@bellaliant.net Website: www.fodar.ca