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Kittiwake Dance Theatre

Kittiwake Dance Theatre

Kittiwake Dance Theatre, Newfoundland’s oldest non - profit dance company, founded in 1987, makes its home in St. John’s, one of North America’s oldest cities. It has a company repertoire of over fifty works incorporating a variety of styles and subjects from the dramatic to the humorous and the traditional to the contemporary, with numerous works reflecting Newfoundland’s rich history and cultural heritage. In addition to providing the public with quality performances reflecting the width and breath of the world of dance, Kittiwake’s mandate includes an obligation to nurture the art of dance by providing local students with workshops and residency projects, with not only Kittiwake’s artistic staff, but with touring companies as well. In past years, Kittiwake has joined forces with the Arts and Culture Centre in securing residency projects with dance companies such as Motus O Dance Theatre, the Danny Grossman Dance Company and Toronto Dance Theatre, to name just a few. These events are open to all local dancers and students with the appropriate level of technical training.

Primary Contact

Richard Stoker

Email: dstoker@nf.sympatico.ca
Phone: (709) 579-2224
Cell: (709) 685-0136


PO Box 7414
St. John's, NL A1E 3Y5

Phone: (709) 000-0000
Fax: (709) 000-0000
Email: kittiwake@nfld.net Website: www.kittiwakedancetheatre.ca