Joining APA: Membership Benefits

Reasons to become an APA Member

As a leader in the presentation and promotion of performing arts in the Atlantic region, the Atlantic Presenters Association offers programs that are valuable to our members and to the betterment of the field. There are many benefits to being a member of the APA including

Professional Development

Professional development can be defined as the process of improving skills and competencies needed to produce outstanding results. For presenters, this means learning about ways to develop and keep audiences, sharing ideas on best practices and procedures, and particularly for new and emerging presenters, learning from experienced individuals about marketing, operations and finance skills necessary to present a live performance. The APA provides professional development sessions in each Atlantic Province annually, workshops at Contact East, as well as webinars. The APA works closely with its Professional Development Committee of members and its national colleagues to develop topics that are current and relevant to the presenting field.

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Block Booking

Block Booking allows our members to experience the power of collective buying - it increases the potential to purchase shows that might normally be out of reach for individual theatres, arts and cultural centres, or festivals, and to buy shows that may not always be considered for smaller markets. The APA uses a block booking software program that members can access at any time to either add artists to their wish list, or to join a tour.

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Contact East

The flagship event of the Atlantic Presenters Association, Contact East brings together the very best of North American talent in theatre, music, and dance, to showcase their work for regional, national and international presenter delegates. Hosted annually in September, Contact East is a meeting place for artists and presenters to facilitate numerous and diverse performing arts activities in Canada and on international stages. It involves formal showcase events, primarily music, dance and theatre; the Contact Room where artists, agents and presenters can interact to discuss business; and a variety of workshops, clinics and round table discussions, which are relevant to the industry's affairs.

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The Association has staff working from Halifax, NS and Charlottetown, PE who are committed to ongoing and meaningful communication. The APA has an active website, which provides members with the latest APA news, educational resources, and a database of member profiles and contact information for more than ninety series presenters, theatres, community presenters and festivals in Atlantic Canada. The APA also has an active presence on Facebook and Twitter and distributes a monthly eNews

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Mentoring Opportunities

Among APA members and our colleagues across Canada, and within our staff, there is an amazing body of knowledge on the field of presenting. Mentors are essential to assist professionals in learning the art of presenting performing arts. For more information about mentorship opportunities offered through the APA, please contact the APA’s staff.

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Providing Funding Information

To some degree, all presenters require support from various funding agencies to deliver the best quality and quantity of performances in their communities. The APA staff is available for consultation with members to assist with providing funding information specific to each Atlantic province.

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The APA is a highly collaborative organization. We frequently partner with our colleagues across the region and the country on projects and workshops. These organizations include the Canada’s Regional Presenting Networks, the National Dance Networks, CAPACOA and Atlantic Canada’s provincial Music Industry Associations

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Special Projects

In April 2011, the APA launched the Atlantic Moves program, a contemporary dance pilot project funded jointly by the Department of Canadian Heritage and Canada Council for the Arts, in addition to the Province of Nova Scotia. From 2011-2014, participants presented 22 dance artists to audiences of over 11,000 in the Atlantic Region. As the program exits its pilot phase, participating presenters will continue to champion the presentation of dance in the region and work in collaboration with the Association

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