Canada 150 Performance Series

Overview for Presenters

APA is thrilled to announce that we have received funding for our Canada 150 project in partnership with RADARTS. With support from Canadian Heritage, we are moving forward with our Canada 150 Performance Series. Full details are below and we look forward to working with you on this. If you have any questions, please contact us any time.


In 2017, Canada will celebrate the 150th anniversary of confederation, a pivotal milestone for our country which allows us to connect with our past, celebrate who we are, honour our exceptional achievements and build a legacy for tomorrow.

In order to celebrate this milestone, the Atlantic Presenters Association (APA), in partnership with RADARTS (Réseau atlantique de diffusion des arts de la scène), is presenting the “Canada 150 Performance Series,” which will tour through Atlantic Canada in 2017. This series will feature multi-disciplinary artists from the six Canadian Regions (Atlantic Canada, Quebec, Ontario, Prairies, British Columbia and the North) who celebrate Canada and being Canadian.

The project starts with a call for artist submissions from across the country, inviting them to “pitch” their show through an application process featuring video and audio submissions. An Artistic Director may be hired to fill in gaps or artistic disciplines not captured in the submission process. A well informed, experienced jury of APA and RADARTS members who represent and understand the presenting ecology in Atlantic Canada will review the submissions and shortlist up to three artists from each region, for a total of 18 artists. This list of 18 shortlisted artists will be available to the entire APA and RADARTS memberships to block book. Using this list, APA and RADARTS members will indicate artists of interest for their communities through the APA’s block booking process. From there, the APA’s Block Booking Coordinator will build tours based on their requests.

More details will be provided as they become available. In the meantime, please contact Laurie or Kate if you have any questions.

Canada 150 / Canada logos

Guidelines & Criteria

  • Once the list of 18 artists is selected and confirmed, an online catalogue will be made available to presenters providing complete booking details for each artist. Artist pages will include bios, audio and video links, available dates, technical requirements and a performance synopsis.
  • Presenters will review and choose artists who fit in their season, who suit their programming and venue and/or would best suit their community, maintaining their curatorial integrity.
  • Presenters will be asked to submit a brief application form to access the artist fee support from this program. The application will ask presenters to state who they are booking (or plan to book), along with a brief curatorial statement as to why these artists will be of interest to their community.
  • Presenters are required to develop an outreach/engagement activity for every tour they book to further deepen and enrich the performance experience and what it means to be Canadian. This will be provided in the application form.
  • The number of presenters subscribing to the program, and other variables (like artist fees) will determine how much of the fee for each artist will be funded through the support from Canadian Heritage. There is a finite amount of funding available and our goal is to cover a large portion of the artist fees.
  • Members are required to pay an administration fee of $100.00 per tour.
  • In order for a tour to be activated, five (5) or more presenters must be interested.
  • Presenters are required to implement an accessible ticket fee for each performance booked, as this is one of the objectives of the program and is a requirement of Canadian Heritage. These performances must be accessible to Canadians.
  • A range of dates for each artist will be provided based on artist availability. Presenters will be able to select from these specific date ranges.
  • Branding for the Canada 150 Presenting Series will be provided by APA and marketing materials will also be provided including, but not limited to, digital images, promo video, posters etc.
  • If there is enough interest from participating presenters, options to do joint promotion and marketing may become available.
  • If you have received funding for your own Canada 150 project, you are not eligible to participate in this program.