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4 reasons why arts marketing matters

March 12, 2019 | 4 reasons why arts marketing matters

You can create the greatest event of all time, but it wonít matter if no one shows up. Marketing is at the crux of any operation--unfortunately, with smaller organizations it can seem like there is so much to do with so little time (and budget). If you want to up your marketing game, make sure to join us for our day-long workshop, ďBreakthrough Marketing: Connections, Audiences, & Art taking place March 23 in Halifax. In this workshop, Inga Petri will guide participants through the necessary steps to create effective marketing strategies and deepen audience relations. For now, sit back and enjoy our top four reasons why you should invest more time into arts marketing.

1. Because you can engage new audiences

Letís get one thing straight: the arts and culture sector is here to stay. But that doesnít mean that developing and maintaining a faithful audience is easy. Many organizations may find that their events always attract the same kinds of people over and over. And while itís great to have loyal fans, diversifying your demographics can result in increased event attendance, more exposure, and greater impact. By learning which methods best attract which groups, you can learn how to properly wield your most powerful marketing tool: your audience.

2. Because marketing mediums are constantly changing

Marketing isnít at all like riding a bike: if you havenít done it in a few years, you canít just pick it up again like nothing has changed. Because, trust us, it has. The world of marketing is constantly shifting: new social media platforms emerge while others disappear (RIP Vine), and even long-runners like Facebook are constantly adding and adjusting features. But that isnít to say that more traditional means of marketing like print and radio are obsolete; if your organization is in a small community or your programming is targeted towards an older demographic, then more old-school methods can really pay off. If you need a refresher course on whatís out there, make sure to join us on March 23!

3. Because sometimes it is a numbers game

If youíre in the arts and culture sector, then chances are that numbers arenít your thing. Although attaching a number to important and fulfilling arts programming can seem sort of heartless, when there are tickets to sell and funding to acquire having more impressive stats can really work in your favour. Learning how to increase engagement on and offline can be the key to keeping your organization afloat, and is one of the many key points our day-long workshop will focus on.

4. Because your programming is important

Yes, marketing matters, but you know what matters more? Putting on fabulous shows, creating incredible programming, supporting talented groups, or whatever it is you and your organization do best. Pop culture has often equated marketing with money grabbing--while this can be true in some cases, itís more accurate to think of marketing as a way to strengthen the pathway between your organization and its audience. If youíre creating great programming, the last thing you want is for your hard work to go to waste due to low attendance rates.

Marketing can be tough, confusing, and even downright frustrating (trust us, we know). Thatís why itís so important to stay on top of the game by investing time into marketing professional development. Good marketing can make the difference between successful, impactful programming and serious flops. If you want make the most out of your marketing plan, make sure to join us for ďBreakthrough Marketing: Connections, Audience, & ArtĒ with Inga Petri on March 23 in Halifax NS. REGISTER NOW!

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4 reasons why arts marketing matters

If you want to up your marketing game, make sure to join us for our day-long workshop, ďBreakthrough Marketing: Connections, Audiences, & Art,Ē taking place March 23rd in Halifax. For now, sit back and enjoy our top four reasons why you should invest more time into arts marketing. (more)

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